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Biodiversity Sciences (Master)

The international master’s programme aims to scientifically convey how the state and changes of biodiversity can be quantified across space and time, what evolutionary and ecological processes underlie them and what consequences arise from biodiversity changes for humans. Biodiversity forms the foundation for all ecosystem functions and human well-being on Earth. While the study programme is based on the fundamentals of the natural sciences, it has a strong interdisciplinary component. In the last decades, we have encountered a dramatic loss in and restructuring of biodiversity. As biodiversity and its change are strongly linked to society, the programme has a strong interdisciplinary component, addressing the options of how biodiversity can be maintained and integrated into the management of our planet’s resources. To achieve these goals, various disciplines are engaged in the master’s programme, from organismic to molecular biology, biogeochemistry, landscape ecology, natural resource management and bioinformatics to interfaces with socio-ecological sciences.

The study programm:
Biodiversity Sciences M. Sc. (120 CP): www.uni-halle.de/+biodiv

More information about the institut: 
Institut für Biologie: www.biologie.uni-halle.de


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